Back to my teaching roots...


Before Sea Love, I was a teacher: K-2, higher education and most recently, a teacher mentor. I was actually interviewing for a teaching position at UNCW when Sea Love 1st began. I had to make a choice: take the teaching position or give Sea Love a go.

Teaching has always been woven into Sea Love, whether it be hosting multi-hour field trips, mentoring UNCW business students or running off the farm to my 2nd job to mentor, observe and evaluate student teachers in the area.

When Hurricane Florence hit, things really changed. Our worlds were rocked and nerves were fried. It took a long time to recover the farm - our construction just recently ended, actually. During this time, I did a ton of soul searching… with some help from Adrian, a business consultant friend and Maia Dery, a good friend and transformational coach. Through these interactions, I realized that I was not only missing teaching, but being part of a team and something larger than myself. This led me to taking a long term sub position to ‘test’ out the waters. I wanted to see if I was missing it as much as I thought. I was.

Since then, I’ve been looking into teaching jobs. Not any teaching job, you see. If I was going to go back into the career, I wanted to be in a creative and flexible environment with a supportive team filled with happy people who were similarly aligned in educational philosophies and life. Hard find, right? It is, but I found it. And yesterday, I signed my contract. I’m thrilled, energized and excited to get started.

Don’t fret. Sea Love is not closing. Just restructuring a bit, most of which you will not notice. But, we pride ourselves on transparency and I just wanted to fill you in.

Until next time, stay salty.