Sea Love Sea Salt is happy to host hands-on educational field trips for schools, cooking clubs, scouts troops, corporate gatherings, family trips and other groups.

What is a field trip like?  A visit to Sea Love includes the 3-T’s: Talk, Tour and Tasting.  We begin with a TALK about the different types of salt, where they come from and their benefits/shortcomings.  We then take a TOUR of our property, which includes a veggie garden, bee hives and multiple salthouses.  We conclude with a TASTING of each of our culinary finishing salts. 

Students then become farmers, rotating through a series of interactive stations where they help complete farm tasks such as tying shells to jars, labeling jars, harvesting salt, pulling weeds, harvesting veggies. Skills students will practice include evaporation, gardening, health/cooking, fine motor skills, and cooperative learning.  We strive to take groups through an interactive, multi-sensory experience. 

When do field trips take place?  We are fairly flexible and able to accommodate most dates.  Contact us through this website with some of your date options and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

How much do field trips cost?  In order to cover the cost of staff, materials and upkeep on the farm, groups are charged a small fee for trips to our farm.  Prices are $7 per guest. 

How do you pay for our trip?  Before you check out in our online store, please contact us to check on your date.  Once your date has been approved, you may check out online via credit card or bring cash with you day of.  

How long does the field trip last?  An average trip lasts 2-3 hours, depending if you choose to bring a bagged lunch.

Things to know:

  • Our farm is rustic, we do not have a bathroom or running water.  There are multiple fast food restaurants at the highway exit (5 minutes from farm), we suggest stopping there prior to/after your visit. Desperate measures call for desperate times and we do have 5 acres, so feel free to become one with nature.
  • Field trips are able to take place rain/shine.
  • Dress appropriately as in not your Sunday best... think sneakers, clothes that are comfy and could potentially get dirty.
  • Things you can bring to help us at the farm (will not be returned): sea shells with holes.
  •  Other helpful items to bring (which will be returned): sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, water, snack, scissors and garden gloves.
  • Bagged lunches are welcomed and permitted, but please plan to bring your trash home with you.
  • Products are available for purchase via cash or credit card.