Meet the Interns

Thanks to y'all, we are even busier than we were prior to Kickstarter!  Meeting with our faithful contractor, drawing up plans, planning fall parties and salthouse tours, investigating best water tanks, and of course, doing our usual day-to-day work of harvesting/selling salt!  

Thanks to the University of North Carolina, Wilmington, I will be again hosting not one, but two interns this semester!  Having a teaching background and needing copious amounts of help, this is kind of the perfect situation.  I am thrilled with the two gals I've hired.  They are not only genius's, but are both are business majors, love salt and are pretty much the most enthusiastic gals one could ask for.  Needless to say, we are pretty much going to rock it through  December!  

I wanted to introduce them to you, as you will most likely see/meet them at the farm, at a market or another event.

Meet Sam...

I’m a senior at UNCW finishing up a double major in International Studies, and Business Administration. I originally came to Wilmington for the same reason most do: to be at the beach and study Marine Biology. After actually starting college I realized how much I love learning about international issues, and immediately switched majors. I also I have a fascination with growing businesses, and enjoy talking to people about new ideas and plans for the future. Thinking about it now I can see that I’m fit for business instead of biology. I still love being outdoors though, and enjoy camping, fishing, kayaking, or just walking my dog on the beach. I’ve also become a travel addict and have set a goal to reach every continent before I’m 25; only Africa and Antarctica left! Now that graduation is approaching I’m looking for my next career step. I’m excited to work with Sea Love Sea Salt Co., using what I’ve learned about business, working outdoors, and still being near the ocean.

Meet Annie...


When I'm not fostering kittens, you can find me at the gym working off the copious amount of butter and salt I use when I cook or at the library studying for a career in international business development. Fueled by my passion for traveling and learning about other cultures, I am currently working on perfecting my third language, French, and acting as a tour guide for the international exchange students at UNCW.

There you have it, the Sea Love Sea Salt team!  

We look forward to getting salty with you and will soon be updating you on the farm renovations.