I entered 2015 with a ton of new ideas for Sea Love.  As we continue to grow, our needs change.  One of the first changes I wanted to make involved our website. While I had grown comfortable with our previous site, it didn't offer some things I felt were necessary as the business grew.  This new site offers E-Commerce, so you no longer need to visit Etsy to get your salty shopping on.  There is also an Events tab, so that you can see our upcoming shows and markets. I am hopeful that this new site is more accommodating to both our and your needs.  Remember I am not a website developer by trade, so be patient... kind of like waiting for sea water to evaporate!

Next up on our new year checklist... 

  • new packaging for scrubs... moving away from plastic bags and to recyclable/reusable tins
  • salts soaks for sore athletes
  • super cute tank tops

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Stay tuned and welcome to sealoveseasalt.com!