It started with us following through with a dream of living at the beach.  It made sense.  We are obsessed with beach life, sunny weather, surfing, stand-up paddling and running on the beach.  Then came a visit from our friend Josh, who suggested that we try to make salt.  As a former educator, I thought this sounded like such a fun experiment.  Plus, we are huge salt fans, often bringing it home from our travels and creatively using it in our cooking.

We trekked to the beach with buckets and experimented with different methods of salt-making.  First boiling.  Then baking.  Next, a combo of the two.  Finally, solar evaporation.  Solar evaporation takes the longest amount of time, but also creates flakey yet crunchy salt, while using no energy.  Turns out, the fast moving clean waters of Wrightsville Beach create an amazingly delicious salt with perfect texture!  So perfect that we decided to share with others.

It is this sharing process that we enjoy the most.... talking with customers, chefs and stores while gaining inspiration, feedback on flavors, scents, new products and packaging.  The growth and backbone of this company comes from these connections.

We look forward to connecting with you,

Amanda and Dave Jacobs